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Today I thought I do another post than I usually do.
I just want to talk with you guys (: About books (of course) and blogging.

First first. I recently got my copy of Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas in the mail and I did kind of an unboxing, or more specific : I took photos of each step I did while I was unboxing my little package.
And with these photos I did a litte slideshow by using Flipagram.
And here it is :

Sorry for the bad quality but I took the photos with my mobile phone..

But back to Heir of Fire. Unfortunately I couldn't pick it up yet because school was busy and I had lots of homework to do but I hope I can get to it this weekend or even tomorrow (:

Another book related topic I want to talk about is, that I don't know which book I should pick up next (excluding Heir of Fire because that'll be the next one)!
Did you had this too? Not knowing which book to read next? Because I have this most of the time I look at my TBR-shelves in my bookcase. If you did please give me an advise how I can look at them KNOWING which book I'll read next ! It would be so helpful for me (;

And now to the blogging part.

Like I said before, school started for me two weeks ago and you'll maybe, but hopefully not, see this in the regularity of my posts. So I thought about scheduling them so that, when I have time, I write two or three posts so I can have posts up regulary. But the important question for that is : How often do you want me to post in a week?
I thought about three times because that's what I can handle. Do you like this idea or have you another proposal for me? Please let me know!

And aswell : Do you like my memes or should I add/delete one? And yes, I know that this should be my decision what memes I have on my blog but I want my readers to like them too and if they are bored or whatever by one, I wnat them to let me know.

The last topic about blogging is, if you would like to see a side with all of my favourite book blogs?
I've thought about it but I didn't know, if I should do it or not. So what's your opinon?

Oh! And before I forget : Do you have any request of book reviews, tags or what so ever for me to do?

But for that you must know, I won't do any requested book review because maybe I don't own the book at the moment (and I really want to slow down my book buying) or I'm not interested in the book.

I would be happy about your answers to my questions! 

 Do you want posts like this sometimes?

xo Anne


  1. I've always wished I could write a blog post like a youtube video and you just did that. In terms of memes/gifs as long as you don't over use them they are great ice breakers. If you want a book suggestion The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was a good read (I just finished it).

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists

    1. Thank you so much Amelia ! *:
      I'm very happy you liked it (:
      Yes. I hears many things about this book .. I think I'll pick it up any time soon :D

  2. I feel so bad - Just between me and you, I wasn't the biggest fan of Throne of Glass when I read it. *Goes to hide behind couch so rocks wont hit her* I liked the story well enough, but I just don't see why people are going nuts over it. My friend is one of those types, lol, and I'm going to read Crown of Midnight to please her - I'm really hoping I like it more than I did the first. =/

    As far as the whole choosing-which-book-to-read-next thing goes, I suffer from the same problem. Usually, I just read whichever book I'm most excited about, whether it's a new release or whether it's just finishing a series or what-have-you. I also take friends' suggestions into account. If they praise it, then it'll likely be higher up on the to-be-read pile. Hope that helps! I know it wasn't much, but... ^-^;

    Beautiful blog and I followed! Follow back?


    1. I really hope you'll like Crown of Midnight more! For me it's an amazing series but I know that everyone can have other opinions about it .

      Yes. thanks (: It will be helpful ( But most of my friends don't know most of my TBR books :D

  3. I really like your new blog layout, the colours in the background are lovely! I'm really jealous you have Heir of Fire too, I can't wait to carry on with the Throne of Glass series but I haven't seen in in any stores where I live yet :(

    As for knowing what to read next, I've recently started a TBR jar to help me cut down my unread books. I've written the names of all the books I know I DEFINITELY want to read soon and put them in a jar, and when I need a new book to read I just pick one out and read it! It means that I don't keep putting reading stuff off, and I've found some really good books I might not have read for ages by doing it this way haha!

    Scheduling posts is a good plan. I do it so that I don't fall behind in blogging and it's really helped! Usually, when I have time, I make a bunch of posts and look at other blogs and videos for meme/challenge inspiration and then just save the posts to drafts. I posts once a week because it means I have plenty of time for college work and typing posts up, plus is keeps my blog regular.

    If you're going to do about 3 posts a week I'd probably try and make 1 a meme and then have the others as challenges/tags, reviews, or discussion posts. Just because memes can be hard to keep up with and can get a bit boring to post after a while.

    Hope this helps. :)

    1. Thank you for all your advise!
      It will definitley help me :*

  4. I've heard so many good things about Sarah J. Maas's books :D So lucky you have Heir of Fire! People tell me I should read her other book Throne of Glass. :) I definitely DO like posts like this, and I think you should post this more often. It's nice to get to know you more and chat with you :D

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Yes. You should definitley start with the Throne of Glass series! It's one of the best I read so far *-*
      And thanks :* I think I'll do some more often (:


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