News about me #1

Hey guys !
Today I felt like doing a post a bit personal and so I decided I just inform you what's going on right now (:
Hope you like post like this (and if not, damn you ! no. just fun :D they won't be often).

Well. As you probably know by now, school started for me about 3 weeks ago and because of that in about one and a half weeks exams will start -.- I know, I'm not glad about it either but what could I do?
So I hope you'll understand that I won't be able to post that reculary thanks to studying.. and aswell since I couldn't figure out yet, how to schedule my post ._. So if you know how to, please tell me in a comment !

I'm going to on a one-day trip to London Saturday (September, 20) and therefor you can look forward to a book haul, which will probably include any other book I purchased/received from the beginning of July (excluding my London Book Haul). But for you to know, it isn't that much (:

And I'll be from October 3 to 15 on vacation and won't be able to post anything (not if I know how to schedule post by then). So please be patient ! :D

Today I got from my mom a pair of Nike Airmax (:
I wanted some for a while now and today was the day.
What do you think about Airmax or generally Nike?

Aswell I'm now saving money because i want an Apple MacBook so hard ! As a result of that I won't be able to buy so many books the next year .. -.- I know: shame on me as a book blogger but my computer is such shit (sry for that) and I wanted a MacBook for really long now.
But before you ask : I'll require books for my birthday (which is November 26 btw) so that I have books to read :D

Oh ! And I have Skype now! If you want to chat (not videochat) with me, you can find me under the username : anne.books .
I'd really like to chat with you about books and stuff :D

So I think that was all for now and I hope you aren't bored :3
Because my review of Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas will be up soon!

xo Anne


  1. I really like the new look of your blog !
    The background is really pretty !

    If you want to schedule a post, you have to set a date, while writing (or editing ) the post. On the right there is a column where you can add labels to the post, and under that there's a timer, where you can set a date for when the post will be published.

    I hope that helped ! :)

    1. Thank you ! (:
      It really helped ! :*

  2. Nike I am 100% over Adidas although I own both. In terms if scheduling that will be a topic tomorrow. I wish I go to go to big cities for book hauls my parents don't like me buying books
    So :(.

    See ya soon,
    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (ya-bookologists.blogspot.com)

    1. haha :D Well I had adidas shoes for PE but not anymore..
      ohhh.. that's really shit -.-


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