DISCUSSION : Books of TV Shows?

Hey guys !

Today I've got a little dicussion about TV shows and about the books most of them are based on.
And aswell I googled and haven't found any website with a topic like this and so I just thought: Why not do it when it interests you? And so here I am.

Let's take me as an example:
I'm watching Pretty Little Liars (PLL) and I really love it!
(That isn't the only show I'm watching but it's for me the best to discuss about :D)

I know that this series is based on books (by Sara Shepard) but I won't read them ever. Reading a book before the movie adaption comes out? Fine! I mostly do that. But before watching the show? I don't know..

First of all there are mostly about 8+ books out, which is pretty much to read before beginning to watch, but there is the probelm of knowing the ending too.
Let's take PLL: The question of the series/show is who "A" is. But what if you already read the books and you know who it is? Would you bother watching the TV show anyway?
Me definitly not, because where's the fun if you already know the answer to the question?

I think that's with most TV shows since probably about 80% of them are based on books..
Even so I think the majority of the people just watch the shows on TV than reading the books and to be honest, and even though I'm a book lover and reader, I prefer watching shows on TV rather than reading the books.
I don't mean series like The Mortal Instruments or Percy Jackson because they are great but I mean series like Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl!

And thirdly there is the problem that in the books the charaters are different as they are in the TV show and that, I think, is for someone who reads the books and watches the TV show really confusing.
For example my friend, who aswell watches PLL, recently bought a book of the series and started reading it but it was totally different from the show. Hanna has on the one hand in the books short, red hair (I think that's right) but on the other hand in the TV show long (afterwards short), blonde hair. Another example is that Aria is in the books together with Sean (and Ezra doen't exist (to the point my friend read)) but in the TV show it's Hanna (and Ezra exists!).
And I would say these can be really annoying things ..

So what's you opinion?
And what TV shows do you watch?
If you watch some, did you just watch them or read the books too, and why?

Would love to read about your opinions!

xo Anne



  1. I totally agree with you! I haven't seen or read PLL but I tried it with The Vampire Diaries ... and it failed. Completely. When the series started I was in the middle of book 2 or 3 (already didn't like it) but still wanted to give the show a chance because ... well, an episode is shorter, probably more action-packed and it's visual while for the book there might be some boring passages, long dialogues and stuff like that. Anyways, I ended up LOVING the tv show BECAUSE they changed everything, not only the characters appearance but also the storyline.

    So I definitely prefer the tv shows although if I really like a show I also might read the books (afterwards of course), probably because I want some background info about a certain character ... only problem is, that you might be disappointed if it's one of your favorite shows and you find out there are books to the show and then they suck. *cough* Supernatural *cough*

    1. Well.. I know what you mean. Sometimes it's really better to change something (:

  2. Right now, there are fifteen books, and the last one will be released later this year.

    I've been watching the series since it came out, but I was curious about the books, so I bought the first one. I really enjoyed it and I was able to see why they were and are still popular. I recently bought the next nine in the series, and I'm hoping to start them soon to see the differences.

    1. I hope you'll enjoy them if you like them ! (:
      but for me, as I said, it would be too confusing :D

  3. In my experience, TV shows tend to kill books when they reinterpret them. Some do decently, but never get enough funding to make the series (such as Redwall by Brian Jacques) or they're just completely terrible (such as the Delirium show that just flopped). At least when it's a movie, they get a bigger budget to make it worthwhile. Personally, I'd love to see a TV show or movie of the Warriors book(s) by Erin Hunter; my luck, they'd screw that up, too. Lol.

    Great post!

    Brittany @ http://www.spacebetweenthespines.com

    1. Yes. I can get your point but sometimes, like Yvonne said, people don't like the books but love the tv show.. I think everybody has a differnet thought on it.. but yeaah :D

    2. I've read the first 15 books of the series, and I know who A is !!
      Mwahahaaaa !! XD

      But you're right, once you know who A is, it's no more fun to watch the tv series :)

  4. I've read the PLL books and watched the show, and I've given up on the show now. I'm thinking of giving up on the books too, but I've read 14 of them already so I may as well finish them. :/

    Personally, I like books that are turned into TV shows: The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are two of my favourite series (book and show). I think it allows more detail and plot to be including than in a movie, and I like seeing how well things can be adapted. I'll admit GOT has been getting worse as it goes on, but I like the way TWD doesn't stick exactly to the comics, because reading and watching it feels like two different things completely so I don't get annoyed if something is missed out.

    1. I can feel you. It annoyes me as well if things are getting to far away from the actual plot...
      and thx for your opinion (:


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