Review Policy

For Authors and Publishers

Currently Accepting Requests: No

If you have a book that you would like me to review you can contact me through any of my social media links you can find in the left column which I check regularly, or email me at
My reviews are true reflections of my personal feelings towards the book, and while this does not promise a positive review, it does promise an honest review and I will therefore not be coerced in any way or form. They contain a synopsis usually taken directly off Goodreads, along with my thoughts and feelings towards your book(all spoiler free).

I accept ebooks provided they are compatible with iBooks.

If I decide to review your book I will then notify you of the day my review will be published. I post them on Goodreads and of course here.

I am only interested in the following genres of YA:
Historical Fiction

I do not accept new adult, adult, nor self-published books, non-fiction and biographies.

If it does not meet this criteria I will likely not respond to the e-mail, but please remember I am still in school and therefore busy so do not expect a reply immediately. I will respond as quickly as possible, but if you have heard nothing within a week I am most likely not interested. If this is the case thank you anyway for considering me!

And if I accepted to review your book please don't mind if I need maybe a month or so to read it because, as I already said, I'm a student so school work always comes first. As well it depends on how addicting your book is because this too depends on how fast I'll read it.

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