Chocolate Book Tag

I was tagged by Anna @ Enchanted by YA to do the Chocolate book tag and so here I am doing it (:

Well, I tag :  Amelia @ YA Bookologists
Summer @ Miss Fictional

Dark Chocolate - A book that cover a dark topic (domestic violence, abuse, rape, loneliness, death, etc.)

If I stay by Gayle Forman (review here)

I know, I know. 
This isn't "dark".But since I don't read dark books, I must say that's the darkest book I read so far..
And it aswell has to do with death and that's why I chose it.

White Chocolate - Your favourite lighthearted/humorous book

Since you've been gone by Morgan Matson (review here)

It is both mentioned above: lighthearted and humorous.
I laughed in this book many times and
I just flew through it!
A recommendation for everyone who loves lighthearted contamporary
with a bit of humor.

Milk Chocolate - A book that's gotten a lot of hype and you're dying to read

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The hype is soo big around this book and generally about this series, especially after the second book was released just a few days ago I think.
I am kind of ashamed that I haven't read it yet since it seems that everyone loves it but I just put it of for when I'm in the mood for reading about aliens and stuff like this. But it is on my Birthday/Christmas wishlist !

Chocolate with Caramel Center - A book that made you feel all gooey inside while reading it

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Maybe an unusual pick for this but because all those
Warnette feels in this book I just was gooey.
Well... maybe that's the reason why I've read this book about
three times this year already and probably will a fourth :D

Wafer-Free KitKat - A book that surprised you lately

Take back the Skies by Lucy Saxon (review here)

It hadn't surprised surprised me but I definitely hadn't thought I'll enjoy it
 that much I haveand especially not that I'd be so emotionally attacked by it.
So yeahh.. it was a surprise.

Snickers - A book you're going nuts about

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Should I really explain this ?
HELLOOO??? It's the next Cassie book in her fantastic shadowhunter world!
And it's coming out NEXT year !!! oooo:
Soooooooo exicted for it *ooo*
And I can't wait to see the actual cover for it ! *---*
Hell! You can see right now I'm going 100% nuts about it! :D

Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows - A book you would turn to for comfort

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Another Cassie book, and an awesome one!
Even though it has freaking 730 pages I would read it always when I'm not feeling comfortable. It just makes me laugh, sad and to a fangirl at level 10. :D

Box of Chocolates -  A series you've read that has a wide variety and a little something for everyone

Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas (review here)

It just has action, a little bit of romance, a kick-ass female protagonist and an amazing fantasy world.
So what do you want more?
It's definitely one of my favourites ever and I recommend it to nearly everyone who asks me what they should read (:
So : GO AND READ IT if you haven't already ! :D

That's all (:
Hope you like it and feel free to do it, even if I haven't tagged you *-*

xo Anne


  1. I know what you mean about the Warner feels *swoons*
    I am also UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED for Lady Midnight! I'm not yet sure what I think of Emma but Cassandra Clare can do no wrong :D

    1. Yaa ! Lady Midnight !! *oooo* Sooo excited! But I really like Emma and the synopsis sounds just fantastic!

  2. I think I'll grow to like Emma as well (I definitely hope so), it was only when she saw Clary & Jace as "celebrities" that I knew I couldn't connect with her like I have them (yet!)


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