DISCUSSION : Series or Standalones ?

Hey guys (:

Today I've got a discusion for you. 
It's about, if it's better if books are in a series or are standalone novels.

I've heard different opinions on this topic, so I've decided to share my opinion with you. (:


I'm one of those who like series or trilogies better then standalones.
I don't know exactly why but I think it's because in more books you can get better along with the characters and the plot.
Maybe because so I can get more details and go on more advantures.
And I think it looks pretty beautiful on the shelf when you have matching spines. :D

But yeah, there are also some negatives about trilogies/series :

The first is that you mostly must wait for the next book to be released
(like I must now wait for the second Rebel Belle book by Rachel Hawkins).
And that can sometimes be really annoying..

The second, and for me the last, ist that it is truely more expensive to buy eg 3 ore 6 books instead of one.
But if you really like the books, it's okay for you :D

So, now to the standalones.

I think standalones are pretty cool.
You can have a whole and completed story in about 300 to 500 pages.
And you mustn't wait for the next books to be released!

But mostly you cannot connect to the characters that good you do when you read a series.
And I personally think that isn't a positive thing.

Yeah, and if you be a person like me who needs to have the whole series but then after the second book do not enjoy it anymore, a standalone maybe would have been better because you hadn't threw much money out of the window for the other books because there where none.

Yes, these are my opinions on this topic. (:

So, what are yours ?

Please leave a comment on that! c:

xo Anne


  1. I agree that sometimes you can't develop and connect with characters in standalones but it of course depends on the author and if they're any good! Personally it depends on my mood and how much time I have which I pick, but I usually go for series :)

    1. Yes. The author is annother thing :D eg. I would ever buy cassandra clare's books, if I enjoy them or not (but I normally love them :-D)


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