Bookhaul #1 / June

Hey guys !

Today I've got my June Bookhaul for you (:
There are also some books in it I bought on the last day of May so I thought I could include them aswell.

First of all, all the hardcovers I got/bought :

and from these books I got these for as gifts from my friends for my "late" (I had in November) birthday party :

I was sooo damn happy, you can't tell (or maybe you can :D) !

And then, of course, I also bought some paperbacks :

Haha yees.! I had a really good book buying month. ^^

Anyway, I bought a total of 14 books this month, which I think is my highest amount until now!

And here I also have a book mess (:D)  :

And I also did kind of a books tower (: :

Soo yes (:
This was my June bookhaul.

Hope you enjoyed it !

What books did you buy in the month of June?

xo Anne


  1. I got 6 books in June :) There all on my book haul on my blog if you want to have a look :)
    I got The One as well!!!

    1. I'll look at it (:
      And that's great ! I already read it (:
      Maybe I'll do a review on it soon *-*

  2. Oh and I love the way you did this post :) I love the book mess and the stack :p Very creative :) And I hope you enjoy all the books you got!!!

  3. Thank you ! ♥
    I hope so too :D

  4. You have to read Obsidian !
    It's sooo good !! :)


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