DISCUSSION: Bookstagram

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to do a discussion post because I just can't get out of my reading slump... I seriously started 3 books and haven't finished any of them yet..!
But that's not the point of this post.

First of all for everyone who does not know what Bookstagram is: It simply is the book(ish) community on Instagram.

Well and now to the real post.

I myself do own as well a book(ish) account on Instagram (@annebooks_) but not only because I run a bookblog.
I personally think this community on Instagram is the most friendly and welcoming and I must know because before I even started this blog I had a fandom account and some people there were nice and friendly but I as well saw on other peoples pictures hate comments. And that kind of shocked me.
For what I can see in my follow feed and my own there is no single hate comment. For what I see everyone is friendly to everyone and that is sometings I really appreciate about Bookstagram.

I myself did found friends through it and I know I am not the only one out there.
And one plus is there are always new picutures of books when I update my feed :D

But of course because it's me I have some or better one negative thing about bookstagram.

And that is when people permanantely post not their own but other people's pictures and credit them (or a shoutout as you can say too).
I think it's okay when you post it maybe once a week but I've seen a lot lately even though I don't follow a lot of people on there. And it annoys me. I honestly sometimes think even though I don't want to when I see those credited pictures these people who post them have in that moment no inspiration to take picutes themselves and that would be sad. Because why would you otherwise own an account? And there are a billion tags flowing through Bookstagram so why just don't do one of them, tagged or not, instead of those indirect shoutouts?!

Well. That's my opinion.
What's yours?
And do you have your own Bookstagram account? If so please leave your username in the comments so I can check it out and maybe even follow you (:

xo Anne


  1. I don't have a bookstagram account, but I do have an instagram account (taargaryens) that I post general things on, including a lot of books. From what I've seen, the people are really nice and I kind of want to create a new account just for books but I'm lazy haha.

    1. thx (:
      I will check out your account Charlotte! ❤️
      maybe someday u do it because it's quite cool 🙈


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