DISCUSSION: Owning multiple copies of a book

Hey guys!

Owning three copies of one of my favourite books Heir of Fire always gets me strange looks from people, no matter if they're friends, family or complete strangers.

I don't know how you think about it but I seriously don't care if I own multiple copies of my favorites even though I can understand that people find it weird or dumb but I think every book lover and collector can understand why his fellows do it.

I mean, I have reasons why I own three copies of Heir of Fire: The first I pre-ordered and read the minute it arrived in my mail. The second I knew I'd buy when I was in London because I heard that in the Waterstone's edition is some bonus content. But the third was a surprise because when I went into the Hatchard's with a friend I didn't know there would be a signed copy, and me being the book lover I am of course had to buy it. 

And I don't care if I get the looks because I am happy about it!

And another example is that I really want to get the new editions of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare which were recently released even though I already own all the books in the beautiful hardcovers but these books are firstly some of my all time favourites and secondly are absolutely stunningly beautiful, especially the spines *o*
But my mom cannot understand that I have to have those. 

I know they are ridiculously expensive, well the TMI set.. the TID one actually is pretty appropriate, but anyways: I don't mind. Of course I won't buy the two box sets at once and tomorrow but at one point in the next couple of months when I have the money to do so I will.

So concluding, I personally have no problem with me or other people owning multiple copies of a book, especially if they have reasons to do so, even though some reasons probably do sound stupid to people who cannot understand it.

I hope you liked this discussion/rambling of mine (:

xo Anne

What is your opinion? 
Can you understand this?


  1. I tend to wait until the paperbacks or the most beautiful covers bwahahaha (or signed copies, I'd love to have those)
    I think I only have one repeated book... I have The Philosopher's Stone both in Spanish and in English :)

    Laura @ psilovethatbook

    1. I try to do that too but sometimes I just cannot stop myself :D

  2. I am definitely very selective about which books I own multiple copies of but there are a few that I have multiples of. Especially if its a book I love that I know I want to lend out. That one I can always have one copy while someone else is borrowing the other. Also if I happen to buy an omnibus edition and end up loving the books, I like to get the seperate copies too!

    1. your way is pretty similar to mine!


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