Bookhaul #2 / London Edition

Hey guys (:

Today I’m here, like I’ve said, with my London Book Haul !

But first of all : London was amazing ! *-* Extremly crowded but amazing *-*

 And I was, as you will see, in a ton of bookshops and so I went ahead and bought a ton of books :D

I’ve got a total of 10 books (maybe doesn’t sound this much but I’ve bought them all in 2 days!).

Booktower *-*

The Paperbacks

The Hardcovers

And here I've got a signed book :

It's Elizabeth is missing by Emma Healey.

And I also got the Special Collectors Edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which is red (see Booktower) and the actual book looks like this :

Cool, what ? (:

So I think London was a great success for me in termes of books and book buying :D

But I think I won't buy any more books this month so it was also kind of my July Book Haul.

Have you read any of those books ?
If so, did you liked them ?
-> Please leave a comment :-*

See y'all next time !

xo Anne


  1. Nice haul!! I am envious... :p
    I got A Game of Thrones last month but I got the landscape cover instead. I also have The Assassins Blade but I haven't read either of them yet :/

    1. haha :D
      have you already started a game of thrones ?
      I have yesterday and I'm only 15 pages in but it's really good *-*
      I also think that the landscape books are really pretty (:
      I haven't read any of the throne of glass books but I own all :D

    2. No I haven't started it yet....I really think I should though :p I'll finish up the 8 I'm reading at the moment and then start :) Ahhh you just made me want to read it more now!!
      I had this whole battle between the 2 covers and then I saw the landscape one in person and that was it!! I was getting that one :p
      I've just started Throne of Glass. It is awesome!!

    3. oh haha :D I'm sorry (:
      I haven't seen the landscape covers anywhere in London and I think those are pretty too :D
      yeah ? oh man ! now I want to read that so badly ! :D
      but first I must finish the percy Jackson series and maybe some more books (:

  2. Great book haul! I recently went down to London and got a bunch of books, too, including that edition of Fangirl and Deep Blue. By any chance, did you go to YALC? :)

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

    1. thx (:
      and no I didn't.. unfortunately .. but maybe next year :D

  3. Nice haul !
    I'm so jealous ! I want fangirl too !!! XD
    Have you read it yet ? :)

    1. Haha :D You mustn't be jealous !
      No.. unfortunaly not yet but I will soon ! *-*


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