TALK / Reading Slump & Christmas

Hey guys!

First of all I am sorry I haven't posted even though I promised to do so...

But to be honest? I was in a big reading slump. Not proud but what can I do?...
Okay. Maybe one cause of that is I am obsessing with The Vampire Diaries lately and that I watched 4 seasons in 4 weeks o: Well.. Yeah. But it is sooooo good *o*
And that is mostly because I only read two and a half books in November and only one in December so far.. 
But now I have christmas break I can read more! I seriously read the most on breaks and in holidays because while school time I have so many other things to do as learning than reading. Well that sucks but I want good A levels in a few years so school is a priority and on my list number one; then reading and blogging. It hurts but it is acceptable. 
In the last two weeks of school I finished all my exams for this semester so until end of January I won't have any exams left!
Are you finished with exams as well?

And my birthday had been! Well on November 26 but anyway o.รถ I finally turned 15 ❤️
I even got some books for my birthday, from my mom and my friends.
Do you want a book haul? I don't know if I should do one...

And now about christmas c:
What did you get?
Well... I got an iPhone 5S which I bought half of the price myself because here in Germany they are very very expensive -.-
And I got a book! Two if I am exact but one of them I got from a friend. ☺️

So well. I hope 2015 will be a better blogging year than 2014 was! I won't set me a reading goal because it is kind of annoying.
Will you set yourself a reading goal?

Merry Christmas and have a nice start in 2015!:-*

xo Anne


  1. Glad your back Anne! Reading slumps are the worst, but then again, who can resist the Vampire Diaries?! I think I will set myself a book goal for 2015 because I really want to get into the rhythm of reading in 2015. If you decide to do a book haul, I would enjoy reading what books you got. Hope you had a good Christmas!

    1. Well i don't know who can resist.. Me definitely not! :D
      Okay. Well then I'll probably do a haul (:
      Thank you so much :*

  2. It's great you're back, reading slumps are a complete pain, I seem to have been in and out of them a lot recently which isn't too bad in a way. I've got more exams coming up so I'm really jealous of you ahah I think I'll probably set a reading goal but only for the number of books I wish to read in 2015. Happy Holidays!

    Recent post: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/christmas-book-haul.html

    1. oh yeah.. reading slumps are the worst.. but I'm glad you get out of them (:


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