So.. Everywhere around Booktube and as well in the blogging world it is a topic now : NaNoWriMo.
November is as always the 'National Novel Writing Month' (nanowrimo.org) and this year I thought about participating but didn't at the end.
Probabaly most of you can't understand why I didn't join it because you would win a novel if you win but I have my reasons.

1. I am a student! I have school from Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm, on Wednesdays even until 4pm. I need to do my homework and learn for tests. So I can't just sit a day in front of my laptop and write all the time. I think every blogger or NaNoWriMo participant who is a student knows school always is in the first place.

2. Hobbys. Yeahh.. I have a couple of hobbies I have on differnet days in the week. e.g. on Tuesdays I am tutoring a little girl and have an art class and on Saturdays I play tennis. So my week is full of stuff and I want to hang out with friends too. And I am a blogger (a hobby too) plus a reader!

3. Birthday! My birthday is November 26, so I need to plan and organise things.

And lastly

4. My computer is the last piece of ****..

Do you participate or not in NaNoWriMo this year?
And why?

xo Anne


  1. I didn't participate for the same reasons as you: being a student takes up a huge amount of time along with blogging/reading religiously so even though I don't have many hobbies unlike you, I'm not planning on participating until I've got more time


    1. yeah. I probably won't participate until I'm done with school.. maybe even college. (:

  2. NaNoWriMo is something I have not had fully explained till now so thank you. I understand all your reasons and most of us don't have the time either.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (ya-bookologists.blogspot.com)


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